Cavethought is a new way of thinking.  It's about changing how we think about food, stress, sleep and lots of other delimas that our modern lives tend to enable. Our tribe of contributors are the men and wives of Austin, TX who have to balance high-tech jobs, overtime, children, marriage and health.

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The Paleo Diet is simple.  Eat vegetables, fruit, and grassfed meats whenever possible, and avoid grains, legumes, diary, added sugars and vegetable oils.

Some of us handle rice, full-fat dairy and corn okay on occasion, but to date, all of us have felt better having wheat completely out of our diets.  

This isn't really about a diet, it's a mindset.  We reject the notion that whole wheat crackers are good for us and that veggies sauteed in animal fat are bad for us.  

This is not about low-carb, low-fat or high-calcium.  Simply put, food quality matters.  If it's commonly fortified with vitamins and minerals, we avoid it.  Real food doesn't need "riboflavin" added to it.

Rusty Parks

One with nature.
I am lucky enough to have some great friends who help him out with this blog.  In March of 2011, I started the paleo diet and has been convinced by the results.  I started with Robb Wolf's "The Paleo Solution" and it literally changed my life.

I was just under 300 lbs when I started this lifestyle.  I've lost almost 60 pounds in less than a year, and I feel better than I can remember.

I am a video game designer.  I have a great wife who's been ultra-supportive and who listens to my lunatic obsessed ramblings about diet and lifestyle and some awesome friends who help me out with the site.

For the month of January, I am cooking completely paleo and posting it here on this blog.  There will be a month calendar worth of food pictures here to show the world what the paleo diet looks like.

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