Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's New Years Resolution Time

It's New Years Resolution Time!

NOT peanut-butter-jelly time!

It's December 31 and that means new year's resolutions.  For 2012, we ain't stopping 'till we got six packs.  On. Our. Biceps.

I'm going Hardcore Paleo.  With pics or it didn't happen.  For one month.  70% of my diet will be from vegetable matter.  Squirrel, deer, grassfed beef, fish are all on the table.  

Coconut, olive oil, and animal fats are going to be on the table.  I've decided to give butter a break (and cheese).  That's right.  No dairy this month.  No Splenda, sugar, Nutrasweet, Equal.  I'm drinking water, unsweet tea, and coffee.  until January is over or I have six packs (on my biceps).  This means no eating out, and making pretty much everything from scratch.

No grains, legumes or dairy.

And the ticker starts on.....  January the 1st AFTER eating black-eyed peas and cornbread.  If you don't know why, It's okay, you're not from the south.  

Pics or it didn't happen.  Right here, on this blog.  

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