Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1st

January 1 in the south is a day of traditional peas, cornbread, turnips and cabbage.  

Along with bacon, axis deer and onion, this new-years was delicious and nourishing.  Despite eating a bit of peas and cornbread I found myself eating way more veggie plant matter than previous months.

Today I feel nourished and just a bit of that distant hunger you feel after getting off "junk", ala Christmas eating.  

Today's weigh in was a bit heavier than when I left to go home to Mississippi for Christmas eats, about 4 lbs heavier, bringing my grand total over 250 pounds.  

No sweat, I'm going to say that a bit of feast and famine is good for the body, at least Tim Ferris thinks so.  

Peas and cornbread have been eaten.  Now for a full-on grains-legume-dairy free month.  

And for those who are playing along with me, consider hopping aboard JunkFreeJan.  

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