Sunday, February 19, 2012

Judgement "Free" Zone

Planet Fitness is a "Judgement Free Zone".  And yeah.  The judgement, totally free.  It's free right here, and you'll get my 2 cents to boot.

Free Judgement No. 1:
You're not gaining weight, endurance or any other measurable benefit while you're sitting on the work station.  Maybe you're chatting, checking your iPhone, or keeping your towel off the floor while you "hydrate".  Kick it into gear and do some dips, ab work, or curls.  Do something.  I've done my normal 20 minute workout and seen folks on the same workout bench they were on when I arrived.  I know it's only 10 bucks a month, but I bet your chair at home is more comfortable to sit on than the bench or dip station you're keeping down.

Free Judgement No. 2:
If you're the overweight guy or gal on the elliptical, you can back the tempo and still get a nice workout.  Promise.  Lift some weight and get strong.  If you do manage to lose weight, you'll want to hold onto some of that muscle you've earned just from the "weight bearing exercise" of being fat.  No lie, bigger women are less likely to get osteoporosis for this same reason.

Free Judgement No. 3:
What's up with the 4 funky ab stations no-one uses, and the 1 combo dip/abs station and the 1 assisted chin-up/dips station.

Free Judgement No. 4:
Your iPhone App sucks, why are you advertising it so heavily.

That's it for now guys.

1 comment:

  1. Used PF for about 2 years, it was good for what it was. Free pizza the first Tuesday of every month at dinner, so expect greasy machines Tuesday from 3pm until about Friday morning when I think they disinfect the place.

    Oh and don't forget the free bagels and doughnuts in the mornings on Mondays too. You really want to walk into a gym and smell doughnuts yeah.. That's it put some of that frosting right on the bench too so I smell it the rest of the time there.

    I always did like the 30 min express workout area when people would respect it though. But most of the time it was random people walking in and then being upset when you tell them the light changed please move.

    Oh and I am not sure about the PF you have down south but the one here north, didn't have shower curtains after the first few months. Its a gym shower so really you would think no big deal, but seriously no more than 1 person in there please under 1 shower head in 1 of those sectioned off areas. Ugg, never used the showers there again.