Monday, November 7, 2011

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Sugar: The Bitter Truth is a rather long lecture on sugar (specifically fructose) intake and the cascade of health concerns related to it.

It covers the following questions, and is one of the the most important (free) lectures of our decade on nutrition.

What do the Japanese Diet and the Atkins Diet have in common?

Why did the suggestion to reduce fat intake from 40% of total calories to 30% of total calories cause so many health problems?
What is the Coca Cola conspiracy?
Is there a link between sugar intake and obesity?
Is the last 30 years of nutrition based on Ansel Key's study wrong?
How do "AGEs" (Advanced Glycation End-products) brown steak and damage your arteries?
How does fructose disrupt ghrelin and leptin signalling and make us overeat?
How does fructose, glucose and ethanol metabolism occur within the liver?
How can fructose consumption consumption raise your blood pressure and cause gout?
Why do they put HFCS in sports drinks?
Why is a high sugar diet actually a high fat diet?

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