Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wall of Shame - Jason's Deli

"Free" overtime food, courtesy of work, has given me a unique excuse to branch out and look at various restaurants and their food selections.

Some places have surprisingly informative "allergy" menus.  This seems to be the easiest litmus test for whether a restaurant serves actual food or not.

Jason's Deli gets my first (and probably not last) Wall of Shame entry.

Many of their potatoes feature a "natural buttery blend" -- which I find horrifying.

Reading through their allergy info reveals that basically everything on the menu contains soy.  It's incredible, actually, that a kids' "organic" PB&J contains soy.  I've sent (now open) feedback via their site (and now my own) as follows:

I have looked at your allergen info and almost all of your products appear contain soy and wheat.

I don't understand why the Reuben, PB&J,  and a "Better Choice Roast Beef" contain soy (to name a few).
A texas chili spud contains gluten.
It seems all your chili is padded with both soy and wheat.
Why is soy included in almost every sandwich, and why does your chili contain both soy and wheat?

We can do better than this.

When Taco Bell tried to pass off soy and wheat filler as "meat" we nailed them to the wall, but Jason's Deli has the feel of a place much more upscale and healthy.

After scrubbing through their menu, I came up with the "The Big Chef" salad as the only soy and gluten free option on the menu (with olive oil and balsamic on the side).

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