Monday, March 28, 2011

2 Weeks

2 weeks have passed.  I've lost a touch over 10 lbs, not shabby.

What I've learned:

  • There's a whole other "primal" community out there.  I've ordered The Primal Blueprint to check that out.
  • On a related note, Mark's Daily Apple is a really cool site.
  • "Which is the bad fat?" a rather innocent question my wife asked me, is becoming a very difficult question.
  • Butter, a common cheat of Paleo folk, has proven difficult to avoid.  I feel that giving up at least that one, precious form of dairy will be beyond my ability of compromise.  Eggs fried in coconut oil might be interesting, but butter....  ah, so good.
Eating Out:
  • Mongolian Grill seems to be the best place to eat out in downtown Austin.
  • Salad is not a veggie.  Just because some restaurant has a grilled chicken salad does not make it Paleo friendly.  
  • Mexican food is actually quite doable.  Fajitas are an easy option, with yummy guacamole.  
  • You really can't eat out most of the time on Paleo.  Keep 2 or 3 extra servings of meat on hand along with fresh fruit an veggies.

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