Saturday, March 26, 2011

Apple Cinnamon Pork Chops (Paleo and Primal)

An easier, looser version of EDP's chops.


2 pork chops
Unsweetened apple sauce
Coconut oil
White wine or vermouth
Scant shot of Tequila

Sea Salt
Garlic Powder


Heat coconut oil to medium high (preferably in a cast iron skillet).  Meanwhile dust the pork chops with all the spices, to taste.  Add the pork chops and cook for a bit, until the pan is nice and hot.  Then add your alcohols.  If it catches on fire, great, but I was not so lucky.  Cook about 6 minutes each side, but this is largely going to come down to the thickness of your chops.

Garnish with apple sauce on the side, or on top.  Walnuts are a good pairing as well.  This makes savory, sweet desert chops.  I'd like to try it with diced apple next time, but this was quick, easy and tasty.

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