Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 7, Sunday

Today was a good day.  Carb cravings seem to have cleared, and my gut feels better than it has in a long time:  I've had digestive problems for about 2 years before and after the removal of my gallbladder.

I'd love to know what food or foods have been bothering my gut, but this has shown me that strict compliance with Paleo (including dairy) was a good idea.  

Biggest Craving today:  Diet Coke (I cut out the sweetners). 

Biggest Win:  Berries (black, blue, rasp).

Best idea:  packing lots of fruit and meats for the road trip to Houston this weekend.  It pays to have extra grub on hand when you are going into the wild unknown.

Best leftovers:  Beef Fajitas meat, onions and peppers made and awesome omelette filling.  

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