Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bacon! (And Cabbage)

 As a warning, this stuff is better than bacon.

This is actually uncured, stragiht up sliced hog belly I picked up at the farmer's market.


There's really no going back.  It seriously only needs copious salting and a liberal amount of black pepper.

Mine fried up brittle and salty and wonderful and tasted like food on any diet should.

  Utterly satisfying and completely fulfilling....  I wasn't able to save any for the cabbage.

Four slices fit nicely in the pan, but they didn't last long.  Normally I would crumble some up in my cabbage after cooking it.


You cook bacon for 2 reasons.

1) It's Delicious.
2) It's Delicious.

Bonus 3rd reason:  For bacon grease.

Meanwhile, Chop up some red (or green) cabbage and a small onion.
(See previous post for handy onion chopping tip!)

Saute onion in bacon grease for a couple of minutes.  By this point the pan is hot (but not smoking, back it down if it's smoking)!

Add cabbage and turn often.  You can even jack up the heat at this point.  

I added some oregano and garlic powder, but feel free to use any spices you want.

Many spices help grease or olive oil "hold up" to the oxidating stress of cooking, so follow your nose and just try to make something that smells good!

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