Saturday, January 14, 2012

Like a good Primal Wife

My husband has this friend.  A best friend, to be exact- you guys know him as Rusty, the creator of this blog.  And these guys, they're like two peas in a pod.  They find something cool and they share it with each other; not only that, but they OBSESS over it.  Such is the case with the primal lifestyle.  So several months ago, they picked up some serious interest in it.

How do I handle this, you ask?  Usually I just smile and nod, say 'boys will be boys'.  This time in particular however, I thought they were crazy.  I thought they were extremists, and that this idea of theirs was just too much.  I didn't want to go along with it.  But I can't, and won't, stop my husband from doing his thing.  However, this time there was something different.  Rusty lost a TON of weight.  Patrick lost the little extra he had.  Both men had energy to spare, and Patrick's stomach issues disappeared (we've since learned he has a pretty severe gluten intolerance).  This discovery made me decide that we, as a household, at least had to be gluten-free.  And let's face it, gluten-free grains (like pasta, bread, and pastries, my favorite) are just not the same.  They're sub-par, at best.

Once I went gluten-free, it was easy to make the shift to no grains at all.  And as someone who has dealt with depression for a few years and gone through 2 pregnancies, I could stand to lose a few pounds.  I decided that our family would go fully primal once the new year started.  And in the meantime, I would cut out as many grains as possible while still indulging occasionally, because I knew I wouldn't want to once I made the full switch.

Even mostly cutting out grains made a huge difference in my life.  I was 7 months pregnant at the time, and was eating SO MUCH- but didn't gain the weight most pregnant women do.  I had just gotten over some pretty severe hyperemesis which left me at a loss of 10 lbs.  Over the course of the rest of the pregnancy, I put that back on, but only 3 lbs more.  So when my son was born, I was lighter than I was pre-pregnancy.  We have now been fully primal for 2 weeks, and my son is a month old; I've lost 9 more pounds since then!  Of course, I am not worried about weight loss at the moment as I have a newborn that I am breastfeeding.  But seeing numbers I haven't seen in 3 years?  It's pretty exciting.

So now I'm being a good wife- a good primal wife.  It's been 2 weeks since we went hardcore primal, at least in the dietary sense of the word.  I am awaiting clearance to exercise.  This greatly excites me!  I love to cook, so we're eating really well- not that primal *isn't* that, period.  I'm just going a bit more... gourmet, I suppose for now.

 So from me, you'll be seeing some meal ideas and recipes (many of which may be stolen from elsewhere, in which case credit will be given!) and ways in which it's affecting my life.  As of right now, aside from the weight, the improvements are awesome.  I have more energy than any mom of a newborn should have, the acne I've dealt with my whole life is non-existent, and I get to eat as much bacon as I want.  I really can't complain!

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