Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Success and Failure

Jan-2 was a major dietary and activity success. At 7pm I would have smiled and told you that this day of the 30 day challenge was in the W column. I had 0 grains, no nasty sugars, no legumes, got in a quick workout, played with my daughter (which is play and lift heavy things combined), and was even going to use my brain by finishing up some last minute work stuff...

But before the story of failure, let's talk status, intake and exercise.

Yesterday morning I weighed 161.2 - Just so you know, I'm 5'10. So not bad overall, but there's too much flab and not enough tone, and my energy levels are very low.

I started my day with bacon and eggs, followed up with a spinach salad with strawberries and walnuts for lunch. Midways between lunch and dinner I managed to get a banana/strawberry/raspberry/blackberry smoothie in, and my wife (who is also doing the 30 day challenge and going Primal this year) made ginger/maple/apple pork chops for dinner. Apologies for the lack of pictures, I'll fix that in the future. Rusty's Shepard's Pie pics make his post look better than mine and I can't have that.

Here's my confession... I have been embarrassingly stagnate over the past.... 4 months or so. No sense in placing any blame, it is what it is, and I'm a lazy out of shape slob. That said, I did two sets of 25 crunches and one set of 25 push-ups yesterday. I'll be ramping that up as I start feeling better.

Ok, I promised a fail - and that would be with Primal Challenge #6 Get Adequate Sleep. It's my weakest category anyway, but mix in a collicky 3 week old, and a large amount of work I needed to finish up before my Belgian team members get into the office at 3am, and the fail becomes epic.

Long boring story short, I managed to pass out in front of my computer at some time after 4am. My wife woke me up around 5:30 and I slept until it was time to wake up for my 7am meeting.

You can imagine how my day is going... I did, however, weigh in at 159.4 this morning and made a breakfast of Almonds and a banana. Lunch will be leftovers from that pork dish and dinner is still up in the air.

More to come - GROK ON!

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  1. Passed out in front of the computer...

    "Pics or it didn't happen!"