Sunday, January 8, 2012

Curry, Soup and Bacon Fried Sweet Potatos

Breakfast of champions.  2 slices bacon, and half of a large sweet potato cooked in the grease thereof.

It's a simple recipe and a simple breakfast, but delicious.

Speaking of delicious.  I was in a wicked curry mood today, and I had a lot of portabella chunks leftover from last night Bison Burgers.

I added an onion and a can of coconut milk to make a nice "mushroom curry".

Basil is always recommended as well, I used basil and some bay leaf.

And!  Thai Kitchen Green Curry Paste.

This stuff combined with coconut milk are pretty much a curry.  There you have it.

Next:  Veggie Beef Stew:
- 1 lb ground hamburger
- 1 onion
- a few carrots
- some celery
- some green beans.
- vegetable stock (2 of the smaller containers)

Instructions: Cook the onions in a little bit of oil or lard, whatever's handy.

Add in and brown the hamburger.

Add the rest of the ingredients and simmer for a long time (until it's ready).

Add salt or "Slap Ya Mama" for some seasoning.

 Also pictured above is some deer, turnips, squash and onions,

Pretty much browned on the stove and cooked in a dutch oven.  Simple stuff, I ate that with some curry paste.


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