Monday, January 2, 2012

A new year, a new life

Welcome, me!

I'm Patrick, a good friend of Rusty's. We've known each other for over 10 years now and have seen each other through the best and worst of times. In March of last year, Rusty introduced me to the Paleo/Primal lifestyle in a time where I was in need of a change. I have always been a small guy, my only issues with weight were not being able to put on enough for whatever sport I was interested in at the time... but then I got married and had kids.

I woke up one morning, stepped on the scale, and saw the biggest number I'd ever registered before. The same day, my wife walked up behind me and grabbed a double handful of my love handles... it was time to do something. Something... but I didn't know what. With work, a 2 year old daughter, and a pregnant wife, I didn't have the time to work out. "Dieting" was something I knew I would fail at. I like to eat good food, and I like large portions... it seemed as if my days of being fit and athletic were drawing to a close. Middle age, tubby dad coming right up!

I guess it was providence that Rusty and another friend of ours were just beginning their investigation of all things Paleo at this point. So, after a bit of reading The Primal Blueprint, I decided to jump in and go for it.

So just like that, we became PaleBros! (Does that translate well to text? palebro like paleo... pay-lee-bro... ok nevermind)

To be brief, it worked for me. Fat melted away and I started feeling good for the first time ever. This isn't an exaggeration. Over the course of the next few months, I found out that I have a gluten intolerance, and have been. my whole life. I finally had an answer to why my stomach has given me problems my whole life. This was great, but it came with a "downside." Whatever tolerance I had built up over thirty years of eating pasta, bread, and other poisons melted away as quickly as the fat did. Eating even the smallest amount of wheat now... well... without too much detail, it sucks. But it helps me make the decision to eat better.

Unfortunately, (I guess) I can still eat corn and rice without suffering. A bit of information that I overused in the later parts of 2011. While I'm not back to where I was, I am no longer where I want to be. So, it's time to recommit, and to document this time.

So from me, look for updates on what I'm eating, how I'm being active, and how I'm improving.


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