Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Low Down

We are from Brussels!
Despite eating some apples and bananas over the last 3 days, my carb intake has been a bit low compared to Christmas' eat-athon.

From experience, there's usually a spot of the "low carb flu" when you are going ketogenic, and I'm pretty sure I've hit it.  I should be sleeping more.  

I figured the fruit and sweet potato would blunt it, but I'm a bit tired.  

My stomach has been doing well, on the bright side.  
My favorite chocolate in the wide world.

Lunch was an apple, banana, Shepherd's Pie and more of the ubiquitous cabbage and squash.

Tonight I had a lighter supper, bacon cooked to season shallot and Brussel sprouts, more squash and....

88% Endangered Species Extreme Dark Chocolate.

It's my favorite dark chocolate.  It packs a kick and is a bit chalky, but it's got a nice mouth-feel and a couple of rows tends to leave me with a sense of well-being.  This stuff is low-dose heroine.

I am looking forward to making some axis-deer chili with okra and tomatoes soon.  Maybe tomorrow.  

Bit tired tomorrow, going to get some sleep.  Ask me why I got mad at a package of bacon some time.  

Stupid, stupid bacon, disgraced the beautiful pork belly from whence it was carved.  I'm too incensed to blog it!  

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