Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sweet Potato and Blueberries

A nice post-workout desert.  Sweet Potato and Blueberries.

Despite overtime, my energy levels are good and I knocked out a "legs day" at the gym.  I'll admit, arms are going to happen every 4 days or so, but legs haven't really been a focus beyond my weekly sprints.

Still, getting stronger is fast becoming a real goal of mine.  I miss the strength I had when I was 16 and doing legit weightlifting.

I worry about "focusing on too many things at once" and getting discouraged as muscle gains "set back" my weight loss.  In the end, though, I don't want to lose muscle as I lose weight, so I suppose it can't be helped.  Perhaps I'll buy one of those scales and start tracking body fat instead of just weight.

Whack of sweet potato, FTW!

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