Saturday, January 7, 2012

Breakfast and Bella-Burgers

How to have breakfast brussel sprouts:

 1. Cook bacon.

Notice that the bacon makes yummy grease to cook other stuff in.


2.  Cook Egg

Think of how nice it is that you have yummy bacon grease.

3.  Cook veggies.

Now all of the grease is gone, but your veggies are good.

How'd that happen?

Add some coffee and you have breakfast.

Portabella burgers are awesome.

For the burgers

- 1 lb ground bison
- 4 portabella mushrooms.
- Some Guacamole
- Tomatoes, lettuce, pickles

For the sweet potatoes

- Cut up some sweet potatoes like fries
- Cook in oven at 375.

Most importantly, do not coat with a thin layer of olive oil.  :(  Next time I am thinking some coconut oil or some form of animal fat might to the trick much better.

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