Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gauciflower, coconut shrimp and sprints.

Killer Quilt!
First things first.  A big thanks to Mrs. Sarah Stocks for making us a killer Dr. Seuss themed baby quilt for our upcoming addition.  Woot!

Today, I got pretty gnarly hungry after eating shephards pie for lunch along with cabbage and turnips.

And, what do we do when we get hungry?



Paleo can put you onto some wicked low fat content if you don't take adequate measures.  Four pieces of crispy bacon later, and I was feeling right.

We love bacon grease!

The bacon provides grease for these wonderful little squashes (onions below).

I threw down hard and ate ample animal fat tonight (sorry axis deer, you're too lean).  All you soybean oil and canola oil eatin' peeps need to get the memo.  Bacon grease is where it's at for veggies.  It holds up to heat well (since it's saturated fat) and makes everything taste awesome.

Speaking of saturated fat....

Coconut oil is a great medium for pan frying shrimp.  The rest were boiled, but I felt like playing around.  Tomie and I ate a full pound and a half of shrimp tonight.

To get my fat content up, I added a whack of guac and broc.  You heard it here: It's a marriage made in heaven.

The simple premixed guacamole from our HEB has surprisingly natural ingredients.  To boot, I fail at picking out ripe avocados, so it's a great way to get in some healthy fat calories and keep from getting sabotaged by your own hunger pangs.

I finished tonight with full on zombie-drill 28 Days Later sprints.

5 sets of 20 - 30 seconds full on sprints with a minute of cool-down time between them.  I do these every 7 - 10 days religiously.  It's the one workout I don't miss each week.

It's a simple idea.  Pretend something is chasing you and beat feet.

Sprinting vital, according to Mark Sisson and Tim Ferris as it promotes your GLUT-4 transporters and keeps your food in your muscles and out of your rump.
The spread.  Yum!  (Whack of sweet potato nuked for 5 mins in saran wrap).  

Free free to skip the nerd stuff, but still try to find time to move like something's chasing you.